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New Special Collections exhibit explores link between art and science

A Symbiotic Affair

The Intricate Relationship of Art and Science

A Walter E. Havighurst Special Collections exhibit curated by Stefanie Hilles and Ginny Boehme

A book is pictured, with a green canvas cover and black taped binding. It is open, face down, in a three-quarters perspective and supported from below so that it is propped up like a tent. On each cover, two petri dishes are affixed, with line illustrations of aquatic animals inside the dishes along with strips of paper describing them.In this new featured exhibit in the Walter E. Havighurst Special Collections in King Library, explore the relationship between art and science. This collection of artist books examines different branches of science through the lens of art, tackling subjects ranging from the highly technical fields of mathematics and computer science to the natural sciences of biology and climate change.

On display now

Jan. 28 - May 17
Mon-Fri, 8-5 p.m.
Walter E. Havighurst Special Collections
King Library 3rd floor