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Expert Carla Myers writes on fair use for Harvard University

Fair Use Week logo with photo of copyright expert Carla Myers

Miami University Libraries’ Carla Myers, coordinator of scholarly communication, was recently featured by Harvard University as a guest expert for Fair Use Week, writing on Fair Use and Video Streaming. Myers helps faculty and staff navigate the complicated system of U.S. copyright law. In September she will coordinate the annual Copyright Conference. This year the conference invites the new and experienced to join the conversation on “Becoming a Copyright Librarian”.

Fair Use Week runs from Feb. 24-28, 2020 and celebrates best practices in fair use in academics. Myers’ piece on video streaming examines four factors that determine if content is considered fair use, and gives real-world examples of how films are used in-class instruction. Myers is available to consult on issues of video streaming to faculty, staff or students in person at King Library or by email.

Other guest experts for Fair Use Week include Brandon Butler from the University of Virginia and Kenneth D. Crews, a former professor of law at Columbia University. Tomorrow’s post will be by Dave Hansen, director of copyright of scholarly communication for the Duke University Libraries.