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Libraries launch strategic plan

Pearson Hall at Miami University

The University Libraries recently unveiled Catalyst, its strategic plan for the 2020-2021 academic year. The plan comprises five specific initiatives designed to meet three strategic goals.

“Once MiamiRISE laid the foundation for the university’s priorities, we launched into a comprehensive strategic planning process for the Libraries,” said Jerome Conley, dean and university librarian. After developing a master plan in 2017 to guide the Libraries’ long-term priorities, the Libraries sought to create an actionable roadmap of initiatives for the academic year.

Libraries staff poured nearly a year of brainstorming, planning, research, and review into developing the plan and revising the Libraries’ mission, vision, and values. Instrumental to the work was Forsythe Chair in Entrepreneurship Tom Heuer, who consulted extensively with Libraries administration and facilitated strategy sessions. With the infrastructure created during the process, the Libraries are now well-suited to assess, revise, and renew a yearly strategic plan.

Work is already underway to implement the plan. Five working groups of Libraries staff and librarians — one for each initiative — finalized action plans in August and began driving each initiative forward.

The Libraries’ updated vision statement — “to be the catalyst for growth and discovery for every scholar in our community” — emphasizes the Libraries’ dual commitment to both scholarship and inclusivity. In fact, the first of the Libraries’ new set of values is “welcoming.”

“As a university library system, we owe it to every student, faculty, and staff member to make sure our spaces and services are not only academically rigorous but also accessible and equitable,” Conley said.

For a detailed breakdown of the plan, its three goals and five initiatives, and the newly-revised mission, vision, and values, those interested can visit

“This plan gives us measurable goals and specific steps to take to advance our Libraries forward. I’m thrilled with the Libraries community’s work in getting us to this point. Now, we get to work toward reaching these goals together,” said Conley.